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Indicate to the audience that you are at the end of the presentation. Ask for doubts and questions Show actions to be taken Summarize main points at the end. Never… Read more »


After or during a presentation the presenter encourages the audience to ask questions. This greatly improves the quality of the assimilation of the subject matter. Most of these are genuine… Read more »


CHOOSE NOT MORE THAN 5 POINTS Make sure you are clear about the key points that you want to make and repeat and emphasize them in the course of your… Read more »


EXERCISES TO IMPROVE PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS Exercise 1             Call out to a person 200m away Exercise 2             Announce (Shout) on Shop Floor ” Factory closed due to heavy rains” Exercise 3             Read out… Read more »

Dos & Don’ts

DO Have direct eye contact with an individual at a time. Speak to one individual at a time Shift to another individual somewhere else randomly & NEVER LOOK at the… Read more »


A question  A newsworthy incident  A startling statement  A quote  A human interest story  Elevator Pitch Clear Catchy Creating impact Tell them what you are going to tell and how… Read more »

Public Speaking

See video on necessity Most important to rise in career Leaders greatest asset Shows confidence and competence Convey information correctly  and motivate Saves effort and achieves quick dissemination of… Read more »

Get Job & Settling Down

Match Careers and Skills Sets: Sales / Customer Relations / Training – Extrovert, Communication Skills, Aggression HR, Training – Empathy, People Skills Operations, Production – Goal Orientation,  Aggression Finance /… Read more »