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LEADERSHIP  Definitions Leadership is the process of influencing the thinking, behavior and efforts of team members towards the achievement of organizational goals.  Leadership is a winning combination of personal traits… Read more »

Tests (W)

TESTS (Objective & Essay Type) OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS : – Normally has 4 Answers to select from TYPES OF NEGATIVE MARKING Correct Answer +1, Wrong Answer – 1 – ANSWER… Read more »


It is best to avoid this question about your current salary during the first interview. However if it is asked again it should be given correctly – otherwise it will… Read more »


CAREER SETTLING DOWN Most Important subject (both personal & professional). Not taught but learned (eg Gandhi). Not theory but practical. Most important to understand the reporting structure and the  “Norms… Read more »


Building a reputation Project a business like personality with great dependability and hardworking nature Don’t try to please everyone or get too close to seniors Show focus to adhere to… Read more »


Boss Handling Don’t try to get too close too soon Take notes and see that you complete assignments before time Discuss problems and obstacles directly with the boss well before… Read more »

GP Discussion

HOW TO DO WELL IN A GROUP DISCUSSION Grab the opportunity to be the first speaker and to Introduce the topic. Keep a pre-prepaired 5 sentence – EXAMPLE – Good… Read more »


Handling Office Politics Don’t try form groups Never try to corner any one Discuss personal problems in private with your boss only. Be honest and never try to manipulate. Understand… Read more »


TYPES OF COMMUNICATION Only 7 % of communication happens through words and 93% of communication happens through non-verbal cues of which: 55% through facial expressions 38% through vocal tones VERBAL… Read more »