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  2. Make sure you are clear about the key points that you want to make and repeat and emphasize them in the course of your presentation.
  3. Transition from one point to another should be seamless.
  4. Use facts/analogies / statistics / opinions (provide reasons for the same)
  5. Talk, instead to reading
  6. Stand up & Move around. Make eye contact with your audience & Don’t only look at one side of the room


  1. Do not use complete sentences.  Only bullet points.
  2. Follow the 6 x 6 rule: not more than 6 lines (max) per slide, not more than 6 words per line.
  3. Points should appear one at a time, using animation – helps to elaborate.
  4. Do not use more than three colour’s on your slides.  If you have to, then keep the shades the same.
  5. Ensure clear visibility of content through good contrast and big fonts.  Dark background, light font.
  6. Use effective titles/headings
  7. Lucid/self explanatory content on slide.  If not, elaborate.
  8. Talk to audience and not to the visual.  Draw attention whenever you want them to see.
  9. Don’t do the death by power point act.  Use flip charts and the white board too.
  10. Have a great last slid and NEVER use Thank You on a slide. Say it.


  1. Dress to suit occasion, weather, your personality
  2. Err on the conservative side when uncertain!
  3. Avoid too much jewellery
  4. Hair- neat, combed, gelled
  5. Shave!
  6. Ladies: Pin those dupattas & palloos


  1. Natural
  2. Use gestures to complement your speech
  3. Avoid putting your hands in your pocket
  4. Do not use exaggerated gestures that come up to the level of your face.
  5. Avoid clasping, fig leaf position etc.

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