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  • Answering the call
    • Answer the call within 2-3 rings
    • Greeting as per time of the day
    • Top Security – – – May I Help You Please.
    • May I Know Who is Calling Sir / Madam
    • Be cheerful while speaking
  • Body of the Call
    • Listen carefully to the Caller
    • Take permission to hold and announce the transfer
    • When returning to the Caller remember to Thank him / her for holding the Call.
    • Take accurate notes of addresses, date, time, telephone numbers and figures of amounts etc repeating back to recheck where necessary
    • Avoid negative phrases like – I don’t know.. Instead you can say Please let me find out.
    • Be aware of your tone and politeness
  • Ending the Call
    • Inform the caller the action you will be taking to resolve their problem.
    • Thank you for calling
    • It was a pleasure speaking to you.
    • I am very Glad you called
    • Please feel free to call back in case you have any clarifications or problems in future.
    • Good bye Sir / Madam

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