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Cost of Flat 20 Lakhs

Cash down 15% = 3 Lakhs

Home Loan about 17 Lakhs ( It is low interest between 8% to 12% and very Tax efficient).

Take max loan ie 85% of cost of flat for 20 to 30 years

 Try in a Class a City / Metro

Buy what you can afford as it can stabilize you.

Example :

Cost of flat – 20 Lakhs

Cash down – 3 Lakhs

Loan Amount – 17 Lakhs

EMI will be about 17000 (Eligible 80C & 2 Lakhs as deduction from Income tax)

If the cost doubles in 10 years your profit is 20 lakhs on an investment of 3 Lakhs.(Huge Profit)

2.            BUY an Equity based Systematic Investment Plan 3.            Buy some land & Gold

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