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  • Focused, enthusiastic, confident, crisp & to the point, passionate, ambitious, team person.
  • Your energy, maturity, emotional stability& Cultural fit will determine whether you get hired.
  • First impression matters. Normally the most qualified person never gets hired.
  • Read the job description and research company carefully. Ask for more details
  • Look into the eyes of the interviewer and act confidently.
  • Be honest and enthusiastic and highlight your strengths by giving examples of Important Qualities – Personality, Motivation, Leadership, Flexibility, Decision Making, Go Getting Attitude, Conflict  & Problem Solving Skills, Loyalty, Integrity, Creativity
  • Describe your personality honestly and why this job excites you. Do not speak ill of your previous company.
  • Do not try making a Positive when asked about a Weakness “I’m a perfectionist” and turn it into a positive. Interviewers are not fooled. Honestly highlight a skill that you wish to improve upon and describe what you are proactively doing to enhance your skill.

Beliefs you must develop

You are a Winner & Good Things Will Happen

Failure is Not Final; Failure is Feedback 

Patience is a Virtue  

No One is a Finished Product 

Everyone is Created for a Bigger Purpose 

How to Dress up

  • Males – Formal (Coat & Tie), Females Formals or Saree, Sober Make up, light Deodorant/Perfume, bag, Pen , Highlighter, Certificates, CV, Visiting Card, Mobile Off, Reach 15 minutes early


Attention Level – 0 to 10 Seconds is 100% ,10 to 60 Seconds it falls to 50%,  60 to 90 it falls to almost 10% if there are no interruptions. Near the end of your long response the interviewer starts to formulate their next question unless you keep them engaged. By asking a question you promote two-way communications and minimize the risk of talking too much.  This helps you ensure they are listening while you talk


Tell me about yourself?


 “I am a presently ‘Senior Executive Accounts’.  I have a lot of experience in tax issues and audit. (expertise and skills)  My experience includes carrying internal audit for ISO 9000 and resolving tax issues for the last 2 years (insert knowledge or skill)  I have worked in the Construction Industry and t6he Media Industry. My background also includes roles as Junior Accountant (position title), Senior Accountant (position title) and Senior Auditor (position title).  My education/certifications include CA (degree or certification) and M. Com.  I would like to be described by my Colleagues as ‘results focused’ & ‘details oriented. Highlights of my professional accomplishments include winning the “Employee of the Year Award in 2003 and the ‘Best Suggestion Award in 2004

  • Why do you want to leave your previous organization and join us?

EXAMPLE –  “My company merged with another firm and the new management wanted to bring in their own team. Prior to the merger I was a strong performer with positive performance reviews.” Provide References and Proof – Provide references from a former colleague and boss to verify his performance. Demonstrating a confidence and willingness to provide references to support your reasons for leaving is a powerful way to ensure you are believed.

  • Give an example of a successful project, your role & why it succeeded?
  • How would your subordinates describe your management style, strengths & Weaknesses?
  • Give me an example of handling underperforming employee
  • Where do you see the industry going? What are you doing to stay on top of these changes? 
  • What are the most important things to you about any job?  Is it the pay, the opportunities, feelings of self-worth, fellow employees, location, benefits, etc.? 
  • Tell me about a time when you accomplished something significant that wouldn’t have happened if you had not been there to make it happen.
  • Describe for me a time when you may have been disappointed in your behavior.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to discipline or fire a friend.
  • Tell me about a time when you’ve had to develop leaders under you.
  • Do you want to ask me something?

– What position are you considering me for?

– What are the  top challenges that I’ll face in this job?

– What are the characteristics of people who are most successful in your company?

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