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  • FIRST THING -Stop finding ways to escape.
  • NO HURRY – TAKE TWO WEEKS  !!! Before you start you have to psyche yourself  !!! Take your time for this  !!!
  • ONCE FOR ALL DECIDE!!! There is no way you can avoid learning this skill as it will cost your whole career. Get into a room alone and speak loudly to yourself. Take your time to force your mind to believe that YOU CAN DO IT.
  • You don’t have to be great at the English language to be a good speaker.
  • No one is a born speaker. All the great speakers have worked hard at this. To some it is easier in the beginning. But if you decide to work hard – There is no way you can fail.
  • IF YOU CAN DO WELL FOR THE FIRST TWO MINUTES ON STAGE – YOU WILL SURVIVE. Hence NEVER NEVER get on stage for the first time unless you are fully prepared – Practice, Practice, Practice!!! 

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