No Comments on Questions

After or during a presentation the presenter encourages the audience to ask questions. This greatly improves the quality of the assimilation of the subject matter. Most of these are genuine but some of them may be mischievous or tricky. It is a skill the differentiate these. However it is wise to buy maximum time before you actually answer the question. You should also try first get other members of the audience involved in the effort. However the presenter should be always be in control of the situation. Hence the steps to be followed are as follows:-

  1. Encourage the person to come out with the question and mike.
  2. Let the person ask the question without interruptions. (Never say anything sarcastic or discouraging)
  3. Rephrase the question in your own words and ask the person if that is exactly what he /she meant
  4. After getting the confirmation repeat the question deliberately for the whole audience. EXAMPLE – “Rohit’s question is – What are the other factors which we should consider to ensure that there are no injuries”- Friends now “Who would like this question?”
  5. Encourage the 2 or 3 members of the audience to give their opinions.
  6. Then consolidate those answers and give your own opinion and bring out the contradictions that have emerged. If the case is not resolved completely then let the person that you will get back to him.
  7. Ask the person if he is satisfied with the answer before you proceed.
  9. Encourage & take the question from one individual, but answer for all in the audience
  10. Address the questioner directly only at the start and end of your response

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