Social Skills

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  • If Pick up is necessary then be there atleast 15 minutes early
  • Sitting in car – Open the door for the lady normally left rear seat. (No need to do that for a male.  If the lady is alone then you must sit in the right side. If it is a couple then you should sit in the co driver’s seat. Avoid looking into the rear view mirror.
  • Speaking to Driver should be polite and business like. Try using a language known to the guest
  • Address the lady as Mrs. ___ or  Madam
  • When you reach the destination get out first – walk around and open the Car door for lady.
  • Walking abreast is best –  leading is also ok
  • Avoid touching – it can be misunderstood
  • It is good to introduce your guests and offer the first drink.
  • Holding Glass to help is ok. But don’t do it too often
  • Avoid winking & staring. It can be misunderstood.
  • Laughing too much is not good
  • Stopping conversation & guiding out
  • Avoid hanging on to Top people
  • Must take time to speak to your juniors & the host
  • Avoid speaking with food in your mouth or while Proposing a toast
  • Should prepare a Short speech well in advance
  • Organizing a party a multi – course dinner
  • Leading to table 7 pulling a chair for a lady is good
  • Napkin, forks, knifes, wiping hands
  • Belching, coughing, sneezing, scratching head, combing hair, mining gold, yawning, loud speech, speaking without target hearing, giggling, ganging up
  • Soup, Water, Finger bowl should be handled carefully
  • Salt, pepper should be done carefully without affecting the person sitting next to you
  • Serving & passing bowls should be done promptly
  • Pushing back the chair
  • Leading to husband.
  • Thanking the lady of the house, cook waiters after the meal is a polite thing to do.
  • Tips, speaking on behalf all guests.
  • Short speech
  • Leading the guest to the table and offering a plate is acceptable. But don’t try to serve the guest. Let the waiter do that.
  • Napkin should be used for Wiping hands or face. Do not use it as a hand kerchief
  • Water & Finger bowl should be asked only from the waiter.
  • Soup / Tea sipping without noise
  • Serving food for the person sitting to you is ok. Not for the one sitting opposite you.

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